• Agnanti Hotel  Alonnisos  SeaView
    Agnanti Hotel Alonnisos SeaView
  •  Bougainvillea in Alonissos
    Bougainvillea in Alonissos
  • Beaches in Alonissos – Milia Beach
    Beaches in Alonissos – Milia Beach
  • Beautiful Landscape & Seascape
    Beautiful Landscape & Seascape
  • Traditional Greek Fishing Boat in Alonissos
    Traditional Greek Fishing Boat in Alonissos
  • Romantic Sunset in Alonissos
    Romantic Sunset in Alonissos
  • Beaches in Alonissos – Patitiri Beach
    Beaches in Alonissos – Patitiri Beach

Agnanti Hotel Map Directions

Holidays in Alonissos and Agnanti Hotel

Agnanti Hotel is family-owned and operated and located just 50meters from Kalamakia beach. The hotel has traditional rooms in Greek Mediterranean Style which can accommodate multiple numbers of travelers. All rooms have sea view which guests can enjoy from your private furnished balconies. The surrounding area of Kalamakia is ideal for relaxing and tranquil holidays. The center of Alonnisos is 8km away and the port of Patitiri is only 12km away.

Perfect for a family vacation or for a romantic get-away, visitors to Alonissos can enjoy the unspoiled landscape, beautiful beaches and crystal clear blue waters of the island. Alonissos is also a top destination in Greece for Nature and Outdoor lovers as the island is located within the Natural Marine Park of Alonissos and Northern Sporades which is a protected area made up of uninhabited islands, pristine natural environment, marine life including rare seabirds and the Mediterranean Monk Seal, and unique fauna and flora.  

♦ Traditional Breakfast in Agnanti, Alonissos Island.

Here, your day will start great. The team of Agnanti Hotel will take care every morning to collect carefully a variety of products for your breakfast. You will have the ability to choose between traditional pies and pastries, fresh fruit and homemade delicacies, whilst all of those will be provided to you through a warm and friendly service.

♦ Accommodation in Agnanti, Alonissos Island

The rooms are equipped with air condition and can take from one couple up to 4 people and families.

♦ Free Parking

Outside of the hotel you have the ability to park your car in a private parking area.

♦ Restaurant in Alonissos "Manolis"

Last but not least comes the restaurant of the hotel “Manolis” and is one of the most famous in the island (based on independent critics), for the traditional homemade cooking with exceptional tastes. Try and you will not regret.

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