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    To some, Joe Biden is a steady political hand and seasoned U.S. statesman; to others, he is an occasional punchline and invader of personal space, with a spotty political record. Come Thursday, he likely will be seen by many as the early front-runner to become the Democratic presidential nominee.

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    The death toll from the Easter suicide bombings in Sri Lanka rose to 359 and more suspects have been arrested, police said Wednesday.

  3. Trudeau Shinzo Abe

    As geopolitical tensions rise on the high seas in the Asia-Pacific region, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is in Ottawa to ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for a deeper degree of engagement by Canada.

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    Boeing has technical fixes for the 737 Max airliner and new training for pilots in the wake of two disastrous crashes. Now comes the hard part: getting passengers and airlines back on board.

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    A court in Hong Kong handed down prison sentences of up to 16 months Wednesday to eight leaders of massive 2014 pro-democracy protests after they were convicted last month of public nuisance offences.