Activities in Alonissos

Walking in Alonissos island

Alonissos is a natural, unspoiled island and probably one of the best Greek islands to enjoy a walking holiday.
There are a lot of paths and tracks on Alonissos and 14 official hiking trails.  Many of the walks which are marked are mostly clear of heavy undergrowth and thus very useable.
You can buy a walking map and explore the island on your own or you can participate in a guided walking excursion as some very nice walks require transportation to the starting point and pick up from the finish. This will be also very educating as you will find out a lot of information from your guide.

A couple of guided walks highly recommended are the Gorge walk and the across the center of the island.

Snorkeling in Alonissos

Take a mask, a snorkel and fins and discover the secret world beneath the warm Alonissos waters.        

An entirely new world is there.

Full of wonderful colors, plants and marine life that until now you only see in movies

Diving in Alonissos

Deep down the seas, in the deep blue, there exists a wonderful unknown world, one of enchanting beauty. The few that visit it, experience the sensation of being accepted into a silent paradise, filled with infinite forms and colours and myriads of sea species.The Greek seas are recorded as the cleanest in the Mediterranean. Thus, diving into the "big blue" of Greece represents a unique experience for those who attempt it, prοvided they have prior training and special precautions are taken.

Photography in Alonissos

Alonissos is filled with places that worth your shot. After you take a shot, you turn around to see if there's an even better one behind you.  Walk very slowly, looking up and down, stopping frequently, seeing the world differently than before.  The Alonissos photography experience will be one of the most valuable experiences of your life.

From the early light bouncing quietly off the ancient white washed walls to the delicate pink hue of the late afternoon sun setting, your lens will be filled with wonder for every moment. 

Underwater Photography in Alonissos

An underwater camera can also be a useful accessory for snorkeling. If you are a serious photographer you can buy a dedicated underwater still or video camera, but if you just want a few snap shots here and there you can purchase the disposable water proof cameras sold in photo supply stores and even supermarkets.
The water of the Aegean sea is usually very calm in the morning, and as a rule it becomes choppy in the afternoon (after 4:00 PM). The visibility in the water, the wave height and currents vary from place to place, and from time to time so use caution on every dive.

Setting off from the HOTEL AGNANTI, organize your land and sea excursions.

 Walking in a miraculous nature, with the aromas of pine tree and wild flowers.

Natural Marine Park of Alonissos

Discover the Natural Marine Park of Alonissos, with its hidden ecological treasures. Fantastic beaches with crystal-clear waters are waiting for you to enjoy in addition to all of the watersports you love.