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    The World Bank and the COVAX global vaccine distribution program unveiled on Monday a financing mechanism to speed the supply of doses to developing countries, where COVID-19 inoculation rates lag far behind those of richer nations.

  2. Tom Torlino

    When it comes to residential schools, the U.S. and Canada share a disturbing history. In fact, their assimilation systems were developed in tandem. Now some Americans, disturbed by news from Canada of unmarked burial sites, have launched a probe into the legacy of schools in their country.

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    Troops surrounded Tunisia's parliament and blocked its speaker from entering Monday after the president suspended the legislature and fired the prime minister following nationwide protests over the country's economic troubles and coronavirus crisis.

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    Thailand reported a record number of coronavirus cases on Monday, while Malaysia has notched up more than one million infections, as the virulent delta variant carves a deadly path through Southeast Asia — now a global epicentre for the virus.

  5. Racial Injustice Civil Rights Icons

    Moses worked to dismantle segregation as the Mississippi field director of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee during the civil rights movement and was central to the 1964 "Freedom Summer," in which hundreds of students went to the U.S. South to register voters.