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    France’s pension battle has become a war of attrition between the country’s unions and President Emmanuel Macron. Already, the biggest winner is France’s far right.

  2. Nashville School Shooting

    The deadly shooting in a Nashville grade school has sparked calls for a so-called red-flag law in Tennessee. But a proposed law in 2020 never made it out of committee. It's another example how the state has scrapped tighter gun laws and passed legislation that makes it easier to acquire weapons.

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    The Vatican says Pope Francis will be hospitalized for several days for treatment of a pulmonary infection after experiencing difficulty breathing in recent days.

  4. VandA_Tartan_AR

    Dye analysis and radiocarbon testing suggests a fragment of tartan measuring 55-by-43 centimetres dates back the period between 1500 and 1600. It will go on display as part of the Victoria and Albert Museum Dundee’s tartan exhibition next month. 


    A senior Russian diplomat said Wednesday that Moscow will no longer inform the U.S. about its missile tests, an announcement that came as the Russian military deployed mobile launchers in Siberia in a show of the country's massive nuclear capability.